Making Change Stick

Twelve Principles for Transforming Organizations

Does something need to change in your organization? Are you pondering how to get started – or wondering why the last change initiative was less than a resounding success? This book explores the reasons why change fails to stick and offers practical suggestions for building and leading change-capable organizations.

The essential components for initiating and sustaining change are analyzed in twelve steps. Each section includes questions for leaders to ask themselves about their organization and their own influence on its attitude toward change, as well as practical ideas for helping everyone in the organization become more adaptable, resilient, and change-capable. Leaders at all organizational levels can make change stick by following the principles detailed in this book.

What readers have said about this book:

“Richard Reale's book promises to be an indispensable roadmap for change that is successful and lasting as he provides us with twelve principles for "Making Change Stick." While carefully identifying the chaos and constraints that change brings, he provides solutions in terms of practicality: at the end of each chapter is a list of questions to ponder followed by suggestions to put his twelve principles into practice. Reale's expertise in organizational change and in helping leaders and employees assimilate that change is complemented by his inclusion of numerous examples, charts and explanations of others' work in the field. Reale is right on target with this book and his principles: positive organizational change cannot happen without considering your human capital. And that is what this book is about!”


“Never judge a book by its cover - or its size.   When this small, slim book with large font arrived, I immediately thought, "This must be a brief overview of the subject and thus of little value".   Was I ever wrong!   Richard Reale has captured the essence of a complex subject and made it make sense.

Many corporate changes fail during implementation.   After reading this book, it is easy to see why change doesn't stick in so many cases.   It's so obvious - now!   The book is practical, clearly written, insightful and interesting.

The anecdotes and firsthand stories add color and personality, and so clearly place the lesson in front of the reader.   And every chapter ends with Questions to Ponder, and specific instructions on how to put the principles into practice.

A masterly offering, indeed!”


“Change is hard to implement in organizations. People revolt against change. They want familiarity. They want the "old" and don't care what the "new" is. This is the reality that organizations must face, but a reality which many ignore. All is not lost though; you can get change to stick. Richard Reale lays out the principles that make it happen in his book, "Making Change Stick: Twelve Principles for Transforming Organizations". Richard provides an easy to read manual on getting change to stick. He focuses on the "soft" side of change – people, emotions, communication, and leading to name a few. Each chapter ends with a bulleted section titled Putting the Principles to Practice. This is where the nuggets of wisdom are found. A key section was titled "Involve and Be Involved", which says that you shouldn't make changes and assume that everyone will follow. That is a sure way to failure. Instead, do as Richard says.”


Making Change Stick is a practical primer for anyone involved in the change process within an organization. It provides many valuable points that together show how connected the entire company must be for change to be lasting and successful. It reinforces why change is both a technical and people oriented process. If you are personally involved in any change process, this book will help it to all make sense and help you to be a productive part of the process.”


“This is a much-needed book for executives of any size company. The chapters are short, in keeping with short executive attention spans, it is mercifully light on the buzzwords, and even non-business people can get it. It is very much worth the time.”


“Rich Reale has written a marvelous book. He has precise and very specific pointers about how to succeed in managing any kind of group – and I'm in education, not business – and it's loaded with anecdotes of the experiences he's had. Further, he stresses honesty and frankness in all dealings. How refreshing! Read this book and change how you deal with the people you work with every day.”


“As someone who has worked hard at bringing about change in organizations of all sizes, I found Rich Reale's book very insightful and delightful reading. In fact, I refer to it quite often as a reference guide on change management.”


“Rich Reale gives great insight into the many facets of change for any type of leader. He offers extraordinary stories of leading and transforming many organizations, as well as the psychoological and scientific importance of understanding how people will react to or handle change.

A Must Read Book. Whether you are now in leadership or moving towards your quest of leadership, this book will create a core foundation of understanding how to handle change and lead it toward success.”


“In business, it is important to continually come up with better strategies to improve quality, service, and profits. In order to do so, change is inevitable. Unfortunately, change is often fraught with initial resistance and then fails to become entrenched into the system. Eventually, the old comfortable system replaces the proposed change and nothing really ever changes.

Making Change Stick looks at the reasons that change doesn't stick. Not only does this book give readers ideas on how to present changes in a more positive, productive way to reduce initial resistance and bitterness but the author also gives the reader ideas on how to entrench new changes to produce a smoother transition. One of the most valuable sections in this book explains that individuals will react to change in different ways, according to their personality types. Since each of these personality types reacts differently to change, each will also require differing coping mechanisms to make change stick.”


“Very readable and a very important read for those charged with managing and maintaining continual improvement efforts.”


Making Change Stick is an excellent resource for leaders at all levels of the organization. All of us who have worked to make changes in our organizations know how difficult this process can be. Often leadership implements either the "task" methodology or the "maintenance" methodology in creating change and then wonders why the change efforts fail. In fact, Mr. Reale recognizes that it is essential for leaders to honor both the task and maintenance roles in order to create the impetus for change. His 12 principles encompass the newest scientific prinicples that corporate leaders need to understand and practice. I heartily recommend this excellent book, both because of its readability and its applicability. You must read this book!”


“Rich Reale does a superb job of pinpointing and explaining what is necessary to achieve lasting and highly effective change within an organization.

The book is engaging, and the anecdotes are fascinating. Rich Reale employs powerful examples and real-life circumstances that draw the reader into the text and provide a deeper understanding of how to move an organization from a standstill into a successful and lasting transformation.

This is not just another book on organizational change. It is evident Rich Reale not only understands what makes for corporate growth and success, but that he also possesses an unusually keen understanding of human nature, and how this impacts an organization's growth and development.”

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