Making Change Stick

Twelve Principles for Transforming Organizations

making change stick
Communicate Intentionally

The grapevine is the fastest and most active communication channel in any organization; if you don't think so, spend a little time around the water cooler and you'll experience an epiphany. The grapevine can do a lot to affect the stickiness of change. If the grapevine is carrying erroneous data there is nothing wrong with interceding by feeding it more accurate information. There's nothing illegal about using this medium to your advantage!

People extract meaning from what they see as well as what they hear. It's essential to make sure that leadership's actions and words are congruent. During change it is also important to anticipate misunderstandings. In organizations with low trust levels, communication sometimes deteriorates because individuals attribute incorrect meaning to what they see and hear.

Some leaders have told me that misperception by those they lead is not their problem. If you want to make change stick, you must accept perception management as part of your job.

The most powerful communication isn't what you say,
it's what you do.
                                                    ~ Frank E. Fischer

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